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Academic Tech Stack

Find more ease in your everyday.

Bring in critical systems to reduce overwhelm and bring more ease to your everyday as an academic. 

Why do we recommend these? 

We're all about creating strong foundations for your ambitions. If you want to create space to work on your personal brand in academia, you need to level up your work day using tools to help you work smarter. There are only so many hours in the day. 




If you need a website and want to present your brand professionally without engaging an agency or developer, then Wix is your go-to platform. 

Wix offers user-friendly templates to kick-start your website. It's also easy to use when you want to change your content. Event better, it evolves as you do. 

Businesswoman on Phone

Meeting Recording & Transcribing 

Ever been in a meeting where you can't recall everything that was said, where you missed that one important point? Yes, we know the feeling. That's where AI is your most powerful tool for academia. uses an AI Meeting Assistant to transcribe meetings in real-time, record audio, capture slides, extract action items, and generate AI meeting summaries in just a few clicks. It's also great for qualitative data collection. Simply invite Otter AI to join your meeting and let it do the hard work for you, so you can focus on your research participants or collaborative sessions both on and offline.

Email Marketing 

We recommend Mailchimp and Flodesk for simple and easy-to-use email marketing tools so you can communicate with your discipline community. Enjoy creative control as you share your thoughts and ideas with those that are interested to hear from you.

Mailchimp is our professional tool for strong analytics and a user-friendly interface. 

Flodesk is great if you are straight out of the business gates and new to email marketing.

Working at Home
Image by Nick Morrison

Information Organisation

If you're faced with information across multiple platforms such as Apple Notes, iCal, Word, Spreadsheets, and Calendars then why not consolidate to a single dashboard to restore calm and ease to your every day academic practice? Make sure you check out the shop for some templates you can download.

Notion is your tool to consolidate your work-life. Dive into a single platform to organise and structure any information or ideas in your career. 

Trello is great if a to-do list, apple notes list, outlook task list are all becoming too confusing. 

Deliver interactive forms & research with ease

We recommend tools that deliver practical insights for your research participants, your team or your stakeholders. 

Typeform is your go-to tool for building beautiful, interactive forms —  for quizzes, research, feedback, lead generation, satisfaction surveys and more.

Working With Headphones

Collaborate Virtually

We recommend Miro as a tool for collaboration. Think of the handy post-it in virtual form. Collaborate virtually and seamlessly in the virtual room with Miro

Miro is your go-to tool for collaborating in the virtual meeting room. Share and organise ideas in real time using Miro. Whether you are deep diving on the latest project, figuring out a plan for a new teaching season or working in-class Miro is your partner to support. We love using miro and otter in the same session. 

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