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Dr Sam is able to support high-achieving academics, dynamic academic leaders and postgraduate students to build their personal brand. 

Dr Sam's academic career took her from PhD student to Head of Department and everything in between. She believes that there is a smarter way to working in academia.


Leverage more from what you are already doing by building your personal brand and crafting your career strategy.


  • Build your personal brand

  • Craft your career strategy

  • Build your roadmap to promotion

  • Build a better working week

  • Craft your external presence

  • Build a stronger professional network

  • Prepare for promotion  

  • Craft a career as unique as you are

  • Realign your academic career

  • Raise your institutional profile

  • Create or manage a side-hustle 

  • Working with imposter syndrome & high achieving expectations

  • Managing your research pipeline

  • Build your website

  • Project management for PhDs/Grants

  • Crafting a multi-interest career 

  • Juggling parenthood, pregnancy with an academic career

  • Develop your faculty/employees/team

  • Goal setting 

  • Navigating on-the-job challenges

  • Creating a fulfilling academic career 

  • Craft a brand bio that aligns with your academic and industry experience

  • Time management

  • Challenges at work

  • Move on from overwhelm and find your focus

  • Find more leverage in your existing work

How we can help

Dr Sam x Johns Hopkins University

Watch the keynote: Crafting Your Professional Brand for Academia & Beyond


Dive into building your personal brand as an academic with our quick-start course. It's free and you can start right-away. 

"Sam is absolutely great and her suggestions are practical and effective. I strongly recommend her!"

Dr Anna

Dive into building your personal brand as an academic with our quick-start course. It's free and you can start right-away. 

Listen to Dr Sam on Leveraging your Personal Brand in Academia

Results we achieve

We have helped academics at all stages of their career, discover our impact: 

  • Reduced time in securing promotion

  • Gained clarity in decision making towards projects for teaching, research and knowledge exchange 

  • Reduced overwhelm

  • Achieved greater recognition within their school, faculty, across the university 

  • Delivered better engagement with industry and the media 

  • Developed a sustainable strategy to achieve goals 

  • Built a healthier working week

  • Leveraged old or dormant projects within their current role 

  • Clarity in understanding your worth as an academic 

  • Confidence interview and job applications 

  • Clear personal brand which integrates multiple interests 

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