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Strategy Day

with Dr Sam Lynch 

 Unlock your career or business ambitions with personal brand strategy

Discover below

Working at home

Strategy Day 

  • 1x 90minute onboarding session online 

  • 6 hours of in-person coaching 

  • Experience your session at one of our handpicked hotel partners 

  • UK locations in London or Manchester

  • Experience includes food and refreshments throughout the day plus a wellbeing experience so you leave refreshed and energised.

  • Flexible start times 

Accommodation included

Travel not included 

To kick-start your experience dive into a 90 minute online onboarding session before we meet. Next, enjoy a full-day coaching programme in-person with Dr Sam at one of our venue partners. This includes 6 hours of 121 coaching. We unlock your biggest blockers and craft a career strategy to edge you closer towards your ambitions. Read more below. 

UK Locations: Manchester & London

International? Please contact us.

For more information on pricing click here 

A career strategy day to restore, refresh and energise 

If you are time-pressed or need to step out of your everyday in order to focus and reset your business or career ambitions we've got you. 

Enjoy a full day experience with Dr Sam. Enjoy a morning refreshment before deep diving into your most pressing challenges and crafting your ambitions. Enjoy lunch on-site to energise you. Then dive into an afternoon of coaching to help you achieve your ambitions craft your personal brand and career/business roadmap. Enjoy more afternoon refreshments and end the day on a high note with a wellbeing experience or gift to leave you soothed and refreshed as you step back into your everyday priorities.


Who's it for? 

Business owners, time-pressed professionals or those who wish to enjoy a condensed coaching experience. This is suitable for existing and new clients. International clients are also welcome.

Supercharge your career with nurturing support

Casual Meeting

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