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Women in Business:
SMEs, Side Hustles, multi-interest businesses, Freelancers & founders seeking investment

We can help accelerate your business ambitions and your career. 

Whether you are seeking to gain investment, want to position your business more clearly, want to boost momentum or entering a new chapter and need a business that fits with your life. Dr Sam can help you build your personal and business brand so you can leverage more from what you are already doing.


Running a business doesn't come with a manual

Dr Sam uses her lens as a marketer, business innovation lead, academic to bring clarity to who you are and what you do. Think of Sam as personal trainer...but for your personal-business goals. We want to help women from all walks of life succeed in entrepreneurship. If you've done the graft, we will help you package and communicate that in a way that feels aligned to you.

Types of Clients we have supported recently

  • Doctors and nurses in private practice 

  • Health & Wellness Coaches 

  • Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors

  • Property and interior design

  • Academics on the entrepreneurship journey

  • Mothers running businesses 

  • Women on the investment trajectory

Our client 


"I would happily pay 5 x more for my coaching session with Sam. I left feeling excited and motivated after our session. She opened my eyes to thinking outside the box with my business."

Jessica, Small Business Owner

Office Corridor

How we can help

  • Crafting your personal brand bio

  • Identifying your ideal clients

  • Designing a stronger pricing strategy

  • Design your coaching or service framework to bring together your different forms of support 

  • Craft your personal brand bio 

  • Support in nurturing your existing community 

  • Growing your community

  • Design the information structure of your website (wire-frame)

  • Design your business so that it's working for you not the other way around

  • Evolve your business to fit your personal circumstances

  • Re-designing your working week to help you focus on the priorities you need to achieve and the time you have 

  • Support in business confidence, burnout, imposter syndrome and perfectionism 

  • Craft a multi-interest business 

  • Leveraging your existing business to support your next venture 

  • Support to get work and home-life under control

  • Build a stronger network 

  • Coping with motherhood and a business

  • Craft a multi-interest business 

  • Taking your side-hustle to full time


Increase your revenue, recognise your worth and unique offer, attract clients that align with your values,

and feel more in control of your future.

Types of Support

Dive into a world of support. We help women from all walks of life on their career journey.

Why choose Dr Sam? 

I'm a marketer by trade working in B2B marketing across a range of sectors. I hold a PhD in Fashion Consumer Decision Making (Marketing & Consumer Behaviour) so I know a thing or two about knowing your customer and articulating your offer effectively. My background as an innovation lead has enabled me to work with entrepreneurs who are pushing the boundaries in their world and I help manage risks and remove road-blockers to ease that journey. My experience as an academic has saw me teach to different audiences from undergraduate students to business owners and mature students in lectures from 5 - 500. I know how tough it can be standing at the front of the room and making first impressions count same goes with investors. My academic work made me passionate about the intersection and need for bringing the worlds of research and business together. Through my business I work with high-achieving women. I understand your drive to perform in all aspects of life and coping with perfectionism, imposter syndrome and kids when you have a lot on your plate professionally. You've done the graft my job is to supercharge that.



From 121 coaching, virtual co-working, full day support or a one-off clarity call to get you on the right track. Business is an adventure and we want you to enjoy the journey that little bit more. It's all about building strong foundations that give you a sense of freedom and choice in how your career and business unfolds. Find out more about the types of topics we work on below. 

If you are an organisation supporting women on their business journey we can support you in delivering workshops, talks, Q&A sessions and clinics for your audience to gain 121 support. Email us for more details. 

Supporting business investment journeys? We can help female founders build their personal brand to support their business ambitions. 

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