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Early-Mid Career Women

Dr Sam is able to support high-achieving early and mid-career women who want to build their personal brand and design a career on their terms. 

More women in their 20s, 30s who are questioning the career they have stepped into after building up some experience. They want to carve multi-interest careers that work over the long-term. Business is no longer seen as a huge step for women - it's more incremental through side hustles and growing in confidence to take the next calculated step. We know you  want more autonomy over your day and a career that works flexibly around your personal life, your and ambitions. 

Think of Sam as personal trainer...but for your career. Leverage her nurturing support and experience as you carve out this next chapter. She's been there, done that and now it's time to help you do the same. 


  • Build a better working week

  • Carve multi-interest career

  • Kick-start a side-hustle with a day job 

  • Pivot your current career 

  • Figure out your next career steps 

  • Facing a career crunch point 

  • Build a stronger professional network

  • Prepare for promotion  

  • Take your side-hustle to full time

  • Building your personal brand 

  • Setting boundaries 

  • Building your employability 

  • Transitioning to a different industry or sector

  • Dealing with pay or promotion negotiations 

  • Exploring postgraduate study

  • Building a multi-interest career with clarity

  • Re-profiling or understanding who you are and what you really want to do

  • Building your personal website

  • Making LinkedIn work for you

  • Building a more flexible career

  • Figuring out promotion and progression strategies​

How we can help

“Sam is really talented in focusing the skills you already have, working with the time you have, to really optimise your work routine to get to where you want to go!"


How we can help

Dive into a world of support. We help women from all walks of life on their career journey. From 121 coaching, virtual co-working, full day support or a one-off focus call to get your on the right track we can figure it out. Careers don't follow a straight path. It's all about building strong foundations that give you a sense of freedom and choice in how your career unfolds. 


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