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Virtual Co-Working with Dr Sam

If you would like to start working with Dr Sam  then why not try one of our virtual co-working sessions. Enjoy focused time to work on your career and personal brand. 


If have a question about working together, or you’d like to discuss press/collaboration then please reach out at we aim to respond same day and no later than 48 hours.


What's the format?

Our 1 hour virtual co-working sessions are short and sharp. Over the course of 1 hour in Dr Sam will open up with brief introductions and we'll ask the virtual room to share their intentions for the 1 hour session. Then it's straight into the 50 minute focus & flow time. Zero-in to the things that matter most to you. You can focus on whatever you like - from personal branding, goal setting, applying for that promotion, or simply getting some life admin done (because that needs to happen too).  Easy! Think of our session as personal training - but for your career.

£15 per session.

Choose your co-working slot >

Monday 25th September 2023 1pm - Virtual 

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