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Personal Brand & Career Coaching Tailored to You 

We work with clients to unlock their full career and business potential. 
All coaching journeys with us begin via a clarity call. A 90-minute session to explore how coaching might be able to help you. The call is also an opportunity to see if we are the right fit for one another. It's important that you find someone that you actually want to work with. 
Our framework has been developed through experience of working with high-achieving women clients to help them create a career or business that works for them and not the other way around. 

Each coaching programme is custom designed to your needs. Our sessions are usually held online for 1 hour at a time. However, some clients ask us to work with them intensively on-site over half a day or a full day.
 If you would like to discuss our in person support please mention it at your clarity call.



Read more about the types of clients we work with...

Confident Businesswoman

Design a career that puts you back in control

Why Choose Dr Sam?

I've been there and done that. I know what it is like to be a
high-achiever and it's fair to say we have high expectations of ourselves. We believe that hard work is the main driver of results and career satisfaction, but I have learned over time that there are other levers that need to be managed effectively to help you craft a fulfilling career or business. 

My own career has seen multiple pivots and shifts. Bringing together my experience as a marketer, business innovation lead and senior academic, as well as being a working mother with a business has enabled me to help clients navigate their own journey towards their ambitions and bring greater ease to that process. 


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Marketer - I understand how to communicate and develop value propositions for people and businesses. I also hold a PhD in consumer behaviour with a focus on the omnichannel the customer journey. I have worked in marketing since the beginning of my career.

Business Innovation Lead - I help businesses unlock their ambitions with a focus on growth and commercialisation through personal branding.  

Senior Academic - I have worked as a marketing and consumer behaviour academic at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. I am a senior fellow of the higher education academy and hold senior qualifications in the delivery of higher education. This professional experience includes managing other fantastic educators to create a fulfilling experience for students.


My Journey to Coaching


I've had some brilliant women and men support me along my journey, now I want to do the same for others. I want open up knowledge on personal branding and career growth. Our goal is to enable more women to fulfil their ambitions but in a smart way, and one that brings more ease to that journey both professionally and personally

Our Values 

When choosing a coach, values matter...

Given my background as marketer but also through my practice as an academic researcher - ethics are important. I also believe they have been a critical part in the success of my business supporting women.

I work with high-achieving women at different stages of life, academia, career and business. We all face different seasons of life and we do not seek to capitalise on another women's struggle or at a time of vulnerability such as early motherhood or business/personal/career difficulty.
We're focused on your future and providing you with strategies that will move your closer to the goals that you have and to enjoy the journey along the way. We're here as nurturing, impartial and practical support to bring more ease to your ambitions.  

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