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Getting Started with a Research Collaboration

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Research can be a lonely task, as many of us know from completing PhDs. Exploring subject synergies with fellow academics can be productive for your career and enjoyable, two heads are better than one and all that. Experienced collaborators know how to get the most from a join project but what if you are just starting out? Being realistic, collaborations can also present their own challenges. So here's a template to help you kick start your next research collaboration.

This is a new area for me I am still working towards publishing thesis papers but I am at a stage where it would be nice to work with a fellow academic to explore cross-overs in our respective fields of interest as another thread in my research area and also theirs. As an early career academic you are still in the early stages of developing your research network. Perhaps this is your first step beyond your own thesis work like me or you want to shake up your current projects with something more exploratory or a fellow academic has approached you about some potential areas to explore. The key thing is here you want to be fully committed, so it's helpful to be clear from the outset on what you want to achieve. My research collaboration template is designed to kick-start those early conversations with your collaborator and also help you add some structure to that working relationship.

You can download my research collaboration template here.

Like my other templates I am treating this like a working document, so if you have any tips or ideas on how to get the most from a research collaboration or my kick-start research collaboration template then tweet me @drsamlynch.

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