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Two Essential Travel Tools for Working Women

We've been on the road and in the air a lot this month. So today's post is a little step out of the ordinary. Planning an international vacation or work trip soon? In this week's post, we share some tools to help bring more ease when you are working on the move internationally.


Is your travel eSim provider allowing access to data for your phone at local rates. If you need to stay connected but footing the bill yourself then you need Nomad. My clients (particularly small business owners) swear by it to keep in touch with home. Nomad offers travel e-sims that you can purchase and set up immediately. Simply download the app choose your plan and you're good to go. Even better you can do it as you are sitting waiting for your flight - it's that quick. Access data as much as you need, enjoy access to local mobile networks when you need to be online (and for the sat nav) and use WhatsApp for voice calls and messaging. Good to know - you can't use your mobile number while you are away - whatsapp voicecall is used instead. Prices start from around $9. My usual mobile bill whilst abroad can be up to £7 per day (£70 for 10 days) whereas Nomad costs $19 for the entire trip (10 days) with plenty gigs worth of data.

Get a $3 off promo for any data plan on Nomad with Dr Sam Lynch. Simply download the app at and enter code SAMWCLQAZZ to redeem.


Is your go-to provider for managing money across borders. Simply top up your account and spend in over 40 currencies. You can easily move money between currencies as you need and get paid in currencies with sort codes and account numbers if necessary. Enjoy a physical card that you can use like your normal account, access Apple Pay and easily freeze your card should the worst happen. But here is the kicker, if you lose your card abroad, Wise will deliver to your region and you can access your new card digitally via the app straight away. I've used Wise for over three years and it's worked seamlessly all over the globe. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

Discover Wise

So if you are about to embark on some travel for work or play then these might help you too. If not, then this is your nudge to set your small business global or to take a much-needed vacation. Enjoy!

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