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Tools You Need: Our Virtual Assistant Service for Academics

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

We’re here to help you work smarter and that’s why we are offering a new practical service for academic colleagues. We’ve all struggled with getting the day to day tasks done but why not outsource some of them?

There is a myth that having a personal assistant is only for those in the high profile top jobs and earning the big bucks. But we’re all about democratising academic careers here. We want to show you how you can do things differently and our virtual assistant service can help you do just that.

Our service provides adhoc personal and professional support to help you take a more manageable approach to your working week in higher education. Think of us as your personal assistant, on demand with deep knowledge on the world of academia - we know the pressures.

Whether it’s helping you develop a list of conferences to apply to, clearing up or managing inbox while on summer break, helping your prepare materials and manage diaries for a faculty meeting, setting up documents for your new classes this semester, finding someone to do your laundry, transcribe that interview every little bit helps. Imagine starting the new semester organised, ahead of schedule with your work and in control of the next steps of your career.

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