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Don't just take our word for it. Discover what our clients have to say and the impact we create. 


Sam is really talented in focussing the skills you already have, working with the time you have, to really optimise your work routine and get to where you want to go! 

I would happily pay 5 x more for my one hour coaching session with Sam. I left feeling excited and motivated after our session. She opened my eyes to thinking outside the box with my business.

I did a webinar with Dr Sam and myself as well as everybody who listened in was in awe of how fantastic she was and the advice we all got. 

As an academic, I have the responsibility of furthering my education and enhancing my personal professional development. Samantha is a selfless experienced academic who supported me through mentoring. We focused on many areas such as research, industry projects, personal branding and strategic planning. I highly recommend anyone working towards growing within academia in all areas to seek Samantha’s support.

Sam is absolutely great and her suggestions are practical and effective. I strongly recommend her!

After working in academia for many years, I was naïve to think I knew everything. Recently I found myself at the cross road and wasn't sure the path (i.e. research, teaching or admin) that I should take to advance my career. Desiring to speak to someone who has been there and is independent from my institution, I found Sam. She has provided me with clarity on what and how to advance my career. I find Sam very professional and approachable. I feel more confident and inspired after speaking to her, and have a better understanding of my 'worth' as an academic.

Thank you so much for your session  yesterday Sam, staff loved it, and I loved it, really great advice.

I first contacted Dr Sam Lynch earlier this year. I recognised that I needed to do some work on my personal brand, in order to be competitive in more senior roles. Sam spent time understanding me and my why. She listened carefully to what I was seeking help with, and really focused my mind on creating a strong narrative for my personal brand.
Thanks to Sam I now appreciate my personal and professional value and have a clear path forward in what I want to achieve professionally.
Sam has helped me secure a promotion to a more senior role and has helped me to shape my future career. I would recommend Sam to anyone who is looking for a coach and mentor.

Case Studies

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