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Create a Knowledge Exchange Powerhouse

In a competitive higher education environment, institutions are looking to define their external presence as connected hubs of innovation, research and knowledge exchange. We help dynamic academic teams build their  reputation in a way that empowers both employees, employers and their stakeholders. 


Build a culture of high performance through personal branding

Dr Sam is able to support universities who are seeking to nurture faculty teams who want to build their personal brand and supercharge their ambitions.

Supercharge your knowledge exchange ambitions 

Knowledge exchange is a critical part of the academic offering and it's a route that enables dynamic teams to solve complex industry problems and bring that learning back into the classroom. I help you do knowledge exchange better and empower your team along the way. We support academic faculty and departmental teams, enterprise teams, knowledge transfer partnership, and university spin-outs to raise their profile. 

About Sam 

Dr Sam's academic career took her from PhD student to Head of Department and everything in between. She is an academic in fashion and consumer behaviour. She believes that there is a smarter way to working in academia using her background as an innovation lead, marketer and academic.

Consultancy & Advisory - Training - Guest Speaking - Strategic Planning - Coaching


How we can help

  • Personal brand guest speaking and workshop delivery for teams

  • Knowledge exchange consultancy to support knowledge exchange leads achieve their goals

  • 121 coaching for academic staff to explore their full career potential

  • Building frameworks to support a high performance culture  

  • Social media training and support 

  • Raising the profile of your faculty internally

  • Designing industry engagement strategies 

  • PGR conference talks 

  • University spin-out support 

  • Enterprise team support

  • Knowledge transfer partnerships 

  • Departmental planning to help raise your profile internally

  • Figuring out the value proposition of your team 

  • Helping your team collaborate more effectively & efficiently.

Dive into building your personal brand as an academic with our quick-start course. It's free and your team can start right-away.  

Get to know Dr Sam and why she wants to help academics work smarter by building personal brands

"Your session was fantastic"

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