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Working at home

Working Mothers

Dr Sam is able to support working mothers who want to build their personal brand and design a career on their terms. 

Just because you have a kid (or two or three or four) it doesn't mean that your career comes to a halt. As a high achiever you want to succeed in all aspects of life - both professionally and personally. Through our nurturing support we are there to provide career counsel while you figure out what your new world looks like. 

Whether that is returning to work, re-starting your career after time out  or a desire to switch up your work/business-life as your children grow  -we can help you build your personal brand.

Motherhood can be great for your career. Yes, there is the struggle to juggle it all but it also gives you clarity on what you really want. Make time away from your family enriching and fulfilling. 

Motherhood can empower your career, 

if you work smarter not harder. This is about you.

“Sam is really talented in focusing the skills you already have, working with the time you have, to really optimise your work routine to get to where you want to go!"


Working from Home

  • Build a better working week

  • Carve multi-interest career

  • Kick-start a side-hustle with a day job 

  • Pivot your current career 

  • Figure out your next career steps 

  • Facing a career crunch point 

  • Build a stronger professional network

  • Prepare for promotion  

  • Take your side-hustle to full time

  • Building your personal brand 

  • Setting boundaries 

  • Transitioning to a different industry or sector

  • Exploring postgraduate study

  • Re-profiling or understanding who you are and what you really want to do

  • Building your personal website

  • Making LinkedIn work for you

  • Building a more flexible career

  • Working smarter in your current worklife

How we can help

How we can help

Careers don't follow a straight path and no matter how much you prepare for motherhood it's doors to manual when your little tornado arrives.



It's all about building strong foundations that give you a sense of freedom and choice in how your career unfolds. Our coaching helps you get back to zero (our way of slowing everything down, helping you take care of yourself first so you can go on to make great career decisions). We then jump into strong foundations where we work with you to build a healthier working week and figure out your career goals. Then it's all about nudging towards those goals to move forward with confidence. 


Reduce overwhelm, feel inspired and back in control, gain career clarity, move on from perfectionism and recognise

your value. 

Free resources

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