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Say hello to your full-scope Personal Brand Blueprint

Get my proven, stress-busting plan to showcase you, your brand and your mission to leverage more from what you are already doing and supercharge your academic career. Get that promotion, secure that research grant or consultancy work, cultivate your industry presence all with a lot more ease and little less struggle. 

Course session dates 

We're fully booked for January and February. Enquire for March '23. 

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Introducing the
Personal Brand Live Course 
from WorkSmarter*

Academia has changed

It's no longer just about churning out the research and teaching. By attracting the right audience to your academic work, you can leverage more from what you are already doing. You have influence as an expert or aspiring expert in your field, Dr Sam is going to help you leverage that. Secure the promotion, win the grant, build the business, reach those you most want to connect with. ​

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Start by doing less not more!

This is your time to do academia your way and remove the barriers to enable you to do more of what you love. Dr Sam's personal brand blue print is here to help you overcome time pressure, over work and learn a real process to make your work and contribution seen and heard so that you can step into the projects and opportunities that you have been working towards for so long. 

So why are we only talking about this now?  

We're teaching more than ever, universities are under more pressure than ever. Many of us are just trying to keep on top of the teaching, the marking, the programme design and research and before you know it the semester rolls right back around again. 

The time and the energy you have to pursue the next steps in your academic career are not where you want them to be because you have no idea if your work is reaching the right people. Maybe you don't have a research contract and want to do research or maybe you are a researcher who wants to amp up their impact. 

You've put the perfectionism into the academic work, now Dr Sam and the WorkSmarter* team are here to help you leverage that. This is you invitation. 

Let us help you share your ideas with the world

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What could you achieve if you took an intentional approach to your personal brand. 

Sam and her clients know, because she did it and they did it too. 


Her system is all about making the most of what you have already done, not doing more.



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The Personal Brand Live Course 
from WorkSmarter*

Your A to Z blueprint to learn how to build a brand quickly and effectively that drives engagement with your academic work and unlocks the opportunities that you crave most... all in a 4 module programme. Join like-minded academics to grow and evolve, and where the possibilities for your academic career are limitless.

Module 1 Your mission

Crafting your personal brand bio by identifying your goals and your mission and your message and story

Module 2 Your Reach

Identifying your key stakeholders and communications channels

Module 3 Crafting your online presence 

Build consistency into your online presence and engagement that suits you. We're not going to turn you into a social media machine!

Module 4 Action plan

A clear action plan with specific tools and resources to make sure you follow through. 


Tools and Resources to accompany you through the course - asking the right questions to help you reach your goals. 


On boarding coaching session 

A one to one coaching session ahead of the first live session to understand the challenges you are facing right now*.

(*limited to the first ten participants)

Online Meeting

WorkSmarter* is ready to
welcome you


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"Sam is absolutely great and her suggestions are practical and effective. I strongly recommend her!"

Anna, Senior Lecturer, UK

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