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We're here for women who want to realise the full potential of their career or business taking a personal brand centred approach. Discover how we have supported women just like you.

Academics | Working Mothers | Corporate Women | Women in Business | Early-Mid Career | B2B 

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Dr Sam's academic career took her from PhD student to Head of Department and everything in between. She believes that there is a smarter way to working in academia. We support academics, postgraduate students and leaders to build their personal brand and raise their profile. 


Women Small Business Owners 

Dr Sam uses her lens as a marketer, business innovation lead, academic to bring clarity to your business strategy and craft your value in the marketplace. We help you design a business that is personal brand led, reflects the value you offer and fits in with your life. 

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Corporate Women

If you are an established corporate professional we can help accelerate your ambitions as an employee within your current working environment. Gain new momentum in this next phase of your career by building your personal brand.


Early-Mid Career

More high-achieving women are questioning their career future after building up some experience. We empower early and mid-career women who want to build their personal and design a career on their terms whether that is exploring new ways of working, taking a side-hustle full time or accelerating the path towards promotion.

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Board & C-Suite 

We support high-achieving women at pre-board and board level lead authentically by building their personal brand. You've done the graft now it's time to kick your career into full gear.


Working Mothers

Just because you have a kid (or two or three or four) it doesn't mean that your career comes to a halt. As a high achiever you want to succeed in all aspects of life. Through our nurturing support we are there to provide career counsel to help you figure out your new world and create a clear path ahead whether that is in your current setting or forging something new. We get you back in control with confidence. 

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B2B: Universities 

We help faculty teams build their personal brand and unlock ambitions towards knowledge exchange. Higher education is changing and it is important that institutions work smarter, not harder.


B2B: Companies & Networks 

We provide in-house coaching, workshops & keynote sessions to support to help women build their personal brand and create impact. 

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