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Small Business Strategy

When was the last time you took a strategic view of your business?

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Make your business work smarter for you

Step out of the day-to-day and make your business work smarter for you.
Craft a business strategy that is personal brand-centred and unlock your biggest goals.


Get clear on your business goals

Leverage more from what you've already done

Craft your personal brand

Learn what makes you & your business unique 

Business development ideas and strategies 

Build a better working week

Clarify your ideal customer

Design your customer journey

Enhance your existing customer experience 

Build structure into your day as a solo business owner

Identify systems and tools to automate your business productivity 

Develop a better pricing strategy

Explore metrics that matter

Navigate shifts in your business e.g. motherhood

Plan for growth 

Build a better working week

Get your business and your life under more control

Master LinkedIn for your business

Master Pinterest for your business

Client Feedback 

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Jessica, Small Business Owner

"I would happily pay 5 x more for my one hour coaching session with Sam. I left feeling excited and motivated after our session. She opened my eyes to thinking outside the box with my business."

We're ready for you

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Find your fit...

Online Strategy Sessions

Our strategy sessions are pay-as-you-go via our app.

Single sessions are held online for 60 minutes (book up to 90 days ahead). 

Some clients book single sessions, others book a series of sessions at scheduled intervals.

Choose what works for you.


In-Person Strategy Experience Day

Enjoy intensive support with 6 hours of strategy work along with refreshments and a wellness experience

to leave you recharged as you return to everyday.

UK: Manchester, London & The Cotswolds 

UAE: Abu Dhabi & Dubai (four set dates per year) 

US: Los Angeles CA (two set dates per year)


Join us 

I leverage my background as a business innovation lead, marketer and senior academic to guide you through the process and bring more ease to your every day as an entrepreneur. You took the risk to start a business, now I want you to realise your full potential. I also want you to be able to run your business successfully and have room for your family and your life. 


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