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Dr Sam Lynch X ICDBM Conference 2023

Join us on the 5th of December 2-3 pm for our keynote hosted by the University of Manchester. We're delighted to partner with the International Colloquium for Design Branding & Marketing to host a session on Crafting your Personal Brand as an Academic.

Unlock your academic ambitions

Dive into a one-hour session where we answer your questions and walk you through how to start crafting your personal brand using elements of Dr Sam's signature framework. We show you how to work smarter and leverage more from your current academic endeavours. We'll also dive into action with our interactive challenges during the session. Network, learn and unlock your ambitions.

Secure your place for the full conference here:

Who is the conference for?

Academics engaged in design, branding and marketing. The 2023 colloquium will examine current issues concerning technology and sustainability and its interplay with

design, branding and marketing, exploring the use of research and practice,

as well as to inform the content of marketing and design curriculums.

Key contacts for ICDBM

Dr Rosy Boardman (University of Manchester)


Dr Courtney Chrimes (University of Manchester)


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