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Exploring a Multi-Hyphenate / Multi-Interest Career

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Who says you need to have one career? We've often been told about how important it is to specialise in your career and be focused on one thing. However my work in innovation has shown us the power of being multi-disciplinary, that's where the innovation sparks! So rather than fighting against the fact you are interested in two or several professional fields - fuse them.

What is a multi-interest/multi-hyphenate career?

It's simply a career where you work in and across multiple disciplines. From biomaterials engineers with a passion for fashion to tech professionals who are focused on sustainability. As an educator, I am passionate about fusing disciplines so our future workforce can explore their full potential. Our experience of the economy during and post-covid has shown us only too well the power of being able to adapt.

How do I start finding clarity on what it is I do in a way that reflects my interests?

If you are working or have worked in different sectors, explored different professional roles bring them together in your personal brand bio by signposting to these. I found this to be the case in my own professional career as I needed all of these three elements of experience as a Marketer | Academic | Business Innovation Lead to support my clients on their business and career journey.

Get started by asking some questions of yourself to help you more easily communicate all of your career interests and passions:

What areas/sectors am I interested in ?

What do I have experience in ?

Where do the themes meet ?

Who do I enjoy engaging with ?

What are you good at ?

If you have multiple interests and are not sure how to harness these we can help through our multi-interest framework. The framework is a series of guided coaching sessions to help you craft your career with clarity. Find out more at

New around here?

If you're new over here, the warmest of welcomes to our community. Dr Sam helps women from all walks of life supercharge their career through personal brand and career coaching. Explore more by subscribing.

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