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Feeling Lost About Your Career Path While on Maternity Leave? Here’s What to Consider

Careers aren't perfect and neither is motherhood. If you're feeling stuck in your career next steps and you are in the throes of maternity leave then here are some helpful prompts to kickstart your thoughts in an easeful way.

Take some time now, not later.

Quite often new clients reach out to me at their return to work stage. They've just started back, perhaps a few weeks in and realise it's just not working. While we can still solve career challenges we're under more time pressure before the work bubble bursts. So start your planning 3 months earlier than you think you need to. Great times to plan are 6-7 months post-partum. Y

You can take a break for yourself on maternity leave

Mat leave is all in, but sometimes mothers don't have the confidence to take a few hours away from the little one each week to think things through. Even just going for a walk on your own to think through your career can help you find more clarity. If the option is available to you then don't feel guilty for taking some time to figure out what you want. If that means maxing out your maternity leave for longer to work stuff out and ease in gently- go for it! Remember happy mum, happy baby!

Take the pressure off

If you are current in employment or have a job to return to keep engaging with your employer (regardless of your next steps). Keep relationships warm at work so you can ease back in to your current role if you need to. It also helps you to know what you are walking into. Changes to your career can make time and sometimes the wisest thing is to hangtight for a little bit while you figure out the whole going to work and daycare routine.

We can support you with career coaching to clarify your personal brand, understand your value, restore your confidence & comeback to the career game stronger than ever. Motherhood can be great for your ambitions! Find out about our coaching her:

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