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Listen to Dr Sam on the Papa PhD Podcast

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

This week Dr Sam joins David over the the PapaPhD podcast talking all about working smart in academia. From navigating a part-time PhD to crafting a personal brand strategy Sam shares her own experiences and some tips along the way.

Welcome to the Papa PhD Podcast, bringing you the career journeys and insights of MSc and PhD graduates around the world on job searching, skills development, networking, entrepreneurship, mental health, and more.

What you'll learn about on this episode:

  • The challenges and benefits of having a job during your PhD

  • The importance of choosing a supervisor with whom you can have a relationship based on trust

  • How physical activity can help your mental health through tough times

  • Crying is normal and natural, and might help, too

  • Personal branding isn’t only for people in the private sector – it’s also important within academia

  • Your milestones and challenges are part and parcel of your biography

  • The importance of working smart and of being strategic about when to be a perfectionist

  • Why you should accept your pace and not compare with people around you

We hope you enjoy the show! Let us know on Twitter what you think @drsamlynch

New around here?

If you're new over here, the warmest of welcomes to our community. Dr Sam helps women from all walks of life supercharge their career through personal brand and career coaching. Explore more by subscribing.

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