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Not all resumes are created equal. Build your personal brand.

Updated: May 10

Taking your first steps into personal branding starts with your CV or resume. Are you showcasing your value effectively?

Did you know that April marks one of the busiest seasons for women changing-up their job or carer path? Why? Well, it might be that your New Years career resolutions haven't come to fruition, despite your best intentions. Actioning your job hunt now means you still have enough time to make the switch. It's a great time because it's well before the vacation/school holiday season fully kicks-in. But most of all I we know this because we see it with our clients it's a pattern we have observed over the last five years. So take this as your proactive call to dust down your CV/Resume and make things happen.

But what if your CV or resume isn't showcasing your value effectively? Are you still on an old version or template that was created way before you racked up all that experience? Your CV or resume could be the thing standing in the way of your career going from good to great. That's why we have created a CV template for working women that will save you time and articulate your value easily. Do the job hunt smarter by building your personal brand on your CV.

We have a quick fix for you...

If it's time to get back into the job market, switch up your career or go for that promotion then we have a quick fix for you. Enjoy a done-for-you template where you can showcase your career value and unlock your next career move. For less than a few cups of your favourite copy you'll save time and energy articulating your value.

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