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One thing that female founders overlook

If you're on the investment journey for your business there is one thing that is standing in the way of your success. You might have a great business or idea but that isn't all you need. Female founders have the odds stacked against them for seeking investment. But there's an upside - when you do get funding you are the safest bet for investors. You over deliver. So how can we help more women get on the investment track and find success?

The number one thing standing in your way

Your personal brand. If you want to succeed in investment and in your business growth journey it is not only about how good your business is. You need to be even better at communicating it and presenting your personal brand. That means articulating your value proposition, demonstrating the credibility of you and your team and articulating your business confidently. You need to own the room, own your business, own your personal brand. Confidence in your goals inspires others. Just as you inspire your team to do game-changing things, you need to bring investors into your world.

The need to work smarter

Time and time again I see talented business owners who know their stuff. But when it comes to persuading, influencing others it can be an achilles heel. Time in your business should not only focus on crafting your product/service/offer it is also about crafting the whole package.

How we can help

  • Presentation skills training

  • Crafting your value proposition

  • Reviewing your business prospectus & pitch deck

  • Building your personal brand bio

  • Crafting your team story and credibility to deliver on your investment deal

  • Mindset shift from imposter syndrome to realising your value and creating confidence

  • Articulating your business journey story - how did you get to this point

  • Articulating your ambitions and get investors bought into that plan

You've done the graft now we want to help you thrive.

Investment takes grit and resilience as you go through the rounds with prospective investors. Rather than focusing on what you can't control look at what you can control. Keep things simple - you need to pitch your business in a way that any person off the street would get it. Sounds simple right? It is and that is one of the differences between the winners and losers of the investment game.

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