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Personal Branding Services for Women

Updated: Feb 8

Discover our world of personal brand services. We're here to help women take charge of their ambitions with more ease and less struggle. Dr Sam Lynch is a personal branding expert who has supported women across a range of careers and businesses to help them design a career on their terms. We use personal branding and strategy to design a career or business on your terms.

Discover our services

We provide personal brand services, experiences and coaching packages that are custom to your personal needs and delivered at a pace that works for your schedule. From intensive day-long support for busy business owners to coaching packages offering regular one-hour sessions, we'll move your personal brand and ambitions forward.

We work with an array of women

Doctors and nurses in private practice, influencers, academics, solicitors, working mothers, senior managers and leaders, mothers returning or embarking on a career, PhD students and graduates, early career women. Our work with business owners includes: health and wellness professionals, coaches, women in the early stages of their entrepreneurship journey, side hustles, women seeking to redesign their business to fit their personal needs, and women business owners seeking to shift their business offer. We also work with women business owners who are seeking support to build a healthier approach to entrepreneurship moving on from burnout and perfectionism to craft a healthier balance and create a sustainable entrepreneurship journey.

Ways we can support you

  • design your persional brand strategy

  • personal brand bio

  • audit your social media for personal branding

  • LinkedIn personal brand strategy

  • burnout, overwhelm and imposter syndrome

  • personal brand story telling

  • craft your personal brand website

  • creating your personal brand

  • brand yourself

  • Gain career/business clarity

  • self-branding

  • build your brand at work

  • redesign your career

  • redesign your business

  • career and business counselling - discuss business goals and challenges away from your immediate team, and business partner with nurturing support.

We build brand you

Crafting your personal brand brings more ease and clarity to your career. Craft decisions that align with your ambitions, needs and goals. Say yes to projects that fulfil you and have more confidence in saying no to projects that don't align with your goals. Find more ease in your everyday career and business ambitions. Shift your mindset from overwhelmed to freedom and choice so you can enjoy the rewards of your success, move away from seeking external validation and create more space for what you love both personally and professionally.

Dr Sam has been there and done that, now she wants to help other women do the same. As a leading personal brand strategist think of her as a personal trainer for your career and business goals. Her mission is to unlock the ambitions of more women to design a career or business on their terms.

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