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Project Manage your PhD

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Whether you are embarking on a PhD, ProfDoc, EdD or other Postgraduate research programme did you know that you will spend at least 17% of your time managing that journey before you even put pen to paper or type on that keyboard? That's before you throw in any life event, or other significant circumstance that throws your work into a tailspin. Dive into our advice on how you can make sure you are managing your PhD programme as effectively as possible.


Mapping out the critical milestones are key - where are the big ticket dates in your diary where the whole programme could fall apart if you don't deliver. If you are combining your PhD with time for producing conference papers or co-authoring research then map out those milestones so you can see the bigger picture.

How are you monitoring your programme

Find a platform to help you keep track. One that will allow you to dive into your plan on the fly - at the bus stop, on the way to work so you don't need to spend time at your desk focusing on the small stuff.


Identify ahead of time where you might need support based on your plan. Whether that's sharing with your family or partner that there is an upcoming busy season or where you need extra meetings and support your supervisor. No one is going to be sad if you cancel these and free up there time. They'll also appreciate the forward notice/head's up as you are being respectful of their time too.

Want to know more? We've got your back. Enjoy a 2 hour focused session on project managing your PhD - build your PhD plan in the session and walk away with tips, tools and advice so you can stay consistent on your delivery. We also offer a live class on managing your research pipeline.

New around here?

If you're new over here, the warmest of welcomes to our community. Dr Sam helps women from all walks of life supercharge their career through personal brand and career coaching. Explore more by subscribing.

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