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What our Academic & University Clients Shared with Us

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

As our last blog post of the year we wanted to share with you thoughts from clients and institutions who have joined us on the Dr Sam Lynch journey. We are inspired by the clients we have been fortunate enough to work with and the institutions who have trusted us with supporting their PGR and Academic Faculty. We want to democratise the world of academia for all and every year we move closer towards that goal.

Dr Sam delivered a very engaging session on Mastering your part-time PhD which provided our PGRs with both insightful advice and practical tools for managing the challenges associated with studying part-time. She positively framed the benefits of ,and the mindset required for part-time PhD study which our students found extremely valuable. Highly recommend Sam. Karen, University Researcher Development, Scotland

Sam delivered a workshop to my PhD students on the topic: what to do with a PhD. She pointed out all the possible avenues. She also gave some very good pointers to my students in terms of what to do. I found the session very inspirational and rewarding. It also gave me loads to think about for my own job! Hugues, Senior Lecturer and PGR Lead, Winchester

After working in academia for many years, I was naïve to think I knew everything. Recently I found myself at the cross road and wasn't sure the path (i.e. research, teaching or admin) that I should take to advance my career. Desiring to speak to someone who has been there and is independent from my institution, I found Sam. She has provided me with clarity on what and how to advance my career. I find Sam very professional and approachable. I feel more confident and inspired after speaking to her, and have a better understanding of my 'worth' as an academic. Jason, Coaching Client & Senior Lecturer

Dr Sam Lynch delivered a personal branding session for my final year students. She gave them valuable advice to support their careers and checked their digital presence making suggestions enhancing their employability. Thanks so much Sam! We will definitely be inviting you back. Louise, Business Lecturer, Gloucestershire

It's a thank you from us and true to form - we're taking own advice and enjoying a rest! While we study, we research, we support students and staff, we also need to look after ourselves so we can enjoy another spin around the sun. So close the laptop, eat the celebrations, drink the champagne or reasonably priced prosecco and enjoy all the holiday season has to offer. If you are stuck knee deep in the PhD this festive season (been there, done that) keep going, keep pushing, you're nearly there and fill your boots with our blog content to help you on your way.

New around here?

If you're new over here, the warmest of welcomes to our community. Dr Sam helps women from all walks of life supercharge their career through personal brand and career coaching. Explore more by subscribing.

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