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Tools You Need: Canva

This week we focus on tools. Bringing systems and processes into your world that make things easier for you. We bring you...Canva! The free-to-use online graphic design tool. Use it to create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos and more without spending a heft budget on a designer. We recommend this tool for small businesses who are not yet ready to employ a designer and need to bring consistency and strong visual definition to their brand.

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My number one rule for introducing a new system or process to support your career, business or personal brand is this...

If it not saving you time after the initial set up then ditch it. New tools should be streamlining what you do with ease. They should also become a natural habit pretty quickly so if they are not it's time to go. That also means that if you enjoy the tool - it's gotta go. You're burning time just messing around.

Ok, let's jump into Canva

I know what it is like when you are building a business and you are on the journey to winning your early clients. That's where canva comes in. You want your business to reflect your skills, credibility and professionalism and a fundamental building block of that is your brand identity, whether that is a social post, a pdf guide or presentation. Canva is your solve for day to day marketing as you edge forward with your business. Even better it is a female founded business - and Canva's own founder is testament to the repeated resilience - she was rejected over 100 times for investment. But her persistence paid off and opened up the world of design to users from all walks of life with its freemium model.

Why use it?

Here at Dr Sam Lynch we regularly bring you tools to help you work with a lot more ease and a little less struggle. We want you to take charge of your ambitions whether that is designing your investor pitch deck, delivering your brand presentation creating powerful social content, Canva does just that. It’s work life simplified.

CANVA is free

Enjoy freemium access at no cost and discover the benefits of canva for your business ambitions. Get started and you'll soon discover how much ease this brings to content creation. We're a paid member here at Dr Sam Lynch and it has been game changing for our business.

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New around here?

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