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Tools You Need: Notion

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

We've been talking all about strong foundations this month over on the newsletter.. You can't make a dent in your goals if you're not looking after number one. This week we focus on tools. Bringing systems and processes into your world that make things easier for you. We bring you...Notion!

My number one rule for introducing a new system or process to support your career, business or personal brand is this...

If it not saving you time after the initial set up then ditch it. New tools should be streamlining what you do with ease. They should also become a natural habit pretty quickly so if they are not it's time to go. That also means that if you enjoy the tool - it's gotta go. Your burning time just messing around.

Is this task actually one you should do?

If you are overwhelmed with work - transferring your massive to do list to another app or tool is not going to fix it. Take some time to reflect on whether the task on your list is really one that warrants your time and attention. Can you outsource it? Delegate it? Postpone it? Reduce the effort involved on it? Tackle it at a slower pace?

Ok, let's jump into Notion

Now that you have checked through the above we'd love to introduce you to Notion. A tool that really deep dives into getting your s*t (pardon me) together but with the added bonus of customisation. How many times have you used a tool where it just wasn't a 100% fit for your needs or the role that you do? Whether your are overloaded with projects, clients, invoicing,, life stuff - you name it - Notion can get you back on track in a way that is meaningful and relevant to what you do and how you work.

Here at Dr Sam Lynch we regularly bring you tools to help you work with a lot more ease and a little less struggle. We want you to be able to manage your goals, manage your projects, your client or research pipeline and even your house move all under one roof. Notion does just that, create custom workflows and access an array of formats in just minutes. It’s work life simplified.

Interested - jump into our deep dive page.

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New around here?

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