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Unlocking Your Career Potential: Dr Sam Lynch x Johns Hopkins University

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

We've teamed up with Johns Hopkins University for their Horizons Academic Career Conference, alongside esteemed guests including Tan France. Join us this November 15th as I share my insights to help you take charge of your ambitions, craft your personal brand, and design a career on your terms.

About the conference & Johns Hopkins University

Horizons by Hopkins is a pioneering conference dedicated to doctoral and postdoctoral scholars, illuminating diverse career pathways. Founded in 1876, John Hopkins University is America's first research university and home to nine world-class academic divisions working together as one.

About the event

I'm on a mission to unlock your career potential. It was through my own multi-interest career journey as a marketer, fashion & marketing academic and business innovation lead that I needed to bring together my multiple interests and personal branding helped me do just that. In academia, I progressed through the ranks and nurtured the careers of other academics along the way. It was referrals from my clients in academia that created the springboard for my work with other high-achieving women from working mothers, to wellness professionals, networks, companies, academics, corporate women and female founders.

Discover more here & save your seat:

The Horizons event is open to anyone so whether you are an academic or not, dive into the online session where I share some thoughts to help you unlock your career ambitions (whatever they look like for you). We can't wait to welcome you:

Dr Sam Lynch Support for Academia

Dr. Sam is on a mission to unlock your ambitions through career and personal brand coaching. As part of her knowledge exchange work with Universities around the world, Sam empowers academics, dynamic academic leaders and their faculties to build their personal brand. Sam draws on her experience as a marketer, business innovation lead and senior academic. Her academic career took her from PhD student to Head of Department and entrepreneur. Design a career on your terms at

Can't make the session? We've got you.

We'll be delivering a blog post sharing our top three insights from the keynote. Look out for the post coming soon: Unlocking Your Full Potential: Insights from My Keynote at the Johns Hopkins University Horizons Conference

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