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Values Matter

In case you didn't know it is World Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week. We're here to support high achieving women on their career, business and academic journey. That also means we support ambitious working mums. Just because you have a kid or welcome a kid into your world it doesn't mean game over for your career. We support mum's entering the workforce and those returning to their career after taking time out to raise or welcome a little one to their family.

Here's the thing...

Given my background as marketer (for more years than I care to admit) but also through my practice as an academic researcher - ethics are important in how I go about my work. I also believe they have in fact been a critical part in the success of my business supporting women.

I work with high-achieving women at different stages of life, academia, career and business. We all face different seasons of life and I do not seek to capitalise on another women's struggle or at a time of vulnerability such as early motherhood. I am acutely aware of the challenges that high-achieving women (whether mothers or not) face. I'm focused on your future and providing you with strategies that will move your closer to the goals that you have and to enjoy the journey along the way.

There are no tags or links in this post today, this about me sharing the values of how I work.

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