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Strong Foundations: Why Automation and Systems are Critical as a Small Business Owner.

Updated: Mar 8

As business owners the to-do list never ends. It's not about how many hours you have to work on your business it's what you do with them that counts. You can run a business with really limited time but here's the thing, you need to put the foundations in place.

Reality check - you can only deliver focused work in 2-4 hours of your day

Whether you work a five hour day or a 15 hour day (yes, I have done both). I have realised over the years that you actually only have 2-4 hours of focused work time available. You need to identify your peak hours and use them better.

Investing in systems are the best thing you can do

My rule of thumb for all clients is to get stuff off email and onto a system. You might have to pay a bit but in terms of software or subscriptions but it will be worth it and will save you hours in the long run. Look out for systems that capture different aspects of your work from client management to invoicing and place them all under one roof. It will also make your accountant very happy (or so I hear).

Discover the tools and systems we recommend to our clients by clicking the button below or book a session where we can support you in identifying the right systems for your stage of business. This is all about enabling you to create a business aligned with your personal brand - your personal brand is not only what you communicate outwardly to customers and prospects it's also about you understanding how you want your business to align with your life.

New around here? Hi, I'm Dr Sam Lynch. I'm a personal brand expert for high-achieving women and I want to help you unlock your career and business ambitions with more ease by working smarter. We're here to help bring clarity to your career or business journey.

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