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Top three tips to actually relax during your annual leave. A working mum's guide!

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

We all know rest is important but how do you make sure you get a chance to actually enjoy your annual leave or vacation without it turning into another task on your to do list? Often the build up to a restful break becomes the exact opposite. We might focused on performing at all levels but you can't sustain it without periods of imposed rest.

I've encountered many working women who plan these elaborate vacations only to find when they arrive in the tropics that they might be feeling tired, sick or burnt out. We run at such a high rate these days that there is so little margin for error or indeed, flu!

Here are our top tips to help you to actually get some down time which doesn't screw you over on the flight home and still keep you in tip top shape with at work when you return.

Secure some prep-time ahead of your break

Block out the diary to allow yourself some windows to do any necessary work admin the week before you go and make any arrangements for the first two weeks of your return - book that work flight, agree the meeting date with your colleague. As soon as you book the annual leave book these windows in too. It gives you capacity to tackle niggling tasks without doing the late nights and when you get back you are clear on the critical activity you need to deliver and where you need to be, as you ease back in.

Get your notion list together

As far in advance as possible set up your packing list so by the time packing comes round you are not actually hitting that next day delivery for all those items you forgot at the last minute - save your money for margaritas. Notion is great for this stuff you can use it over and over again - plus it means you can delegate packing if you find yourself stuck at the last minute as you've already project managed it! There is something to be said about applying those project management skills at work at home. We've got a template so email us if you would like it!

Book an extra day off for your return

Give yourself some breathing space. Book an extra day after your holiday to tackle the home admin, recover from the holiday washing and just be on your own. Get your diary together and take some time to plan for the week ahead and to book your next trip! While you might think it's a ridiculous way to spend your annual leave your stress levels will thank you for it and going back to work/business won't hit you quite so hard. It also stops you overcommitting to meetings as you have a better grasp of your schedule for the weeks ahead post-leave when the emails kick-in first day back.

Simple advice, but if you are a mum with a toddler, a business and a full time job then these tips are lifesavers! As they say on the plane before doors to manual, sort yourself out first before you help anyone else.

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