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  • How long is each coaching session?
    Coaching sessions are 60 minutes long and take place online via Zoom. Most clients will meet once every two-three weeks.
  • How much does coaching session cost?
    We offer bespoke coaching programmes for each individual client. For the latest pricing please visit here. Our small business strategy sessions and full day strategy session pricing is also available via the link.
  • What days/times are you available?
    We offer sessions via our online client portal where you can choose a time and date to suit you up to 60 days in advance. You can book and reschedule via the client portal with ease.
  • Who do you work with?
    We work with a range of high achieving women from varied professional pathways. Clients include academics, business professionals from early career to c-suite, new mothers returning to work, women experiencing overwhelm balancing family and career, postgraduate students, small business owners, women seeking a career change or need support with their next career move, women running small businesses.
  • I'm an organisation, can you deliver a session for us?
    We also work with organisations, insitutions and networks who are supporting high-achieving women in their careers, education or in business. We offer keynote sessions, workshops and in-house monthly coaching retainers. Please email us with your enquiry
  • What do you mean by your values-based approach?
    Given my background as marketer but also through my practice as an academic researcher ethics is at the heart of what I do and I believe it has been a key part of success in my business. I work with high-achieving women at different stages of life, career and business. We all face different seasons of life and my vision is not to capitalise on another women's struggle or at a time of vulnerability such as early motherhood. We recognise the professional challenges that women face. My mission is focused on your future and providing you with tools and strategies that will move your closer to the goals that you have, but also enjoying the journey along the way
  • Why is your focus on women?
    Dr Sam shares her knowledge based upon personal experience as a mother, as a high-achieving woman and as she navigates her own career and business journey. She has built a female client base and this has occurred as a result of those who are most engaged and responsive to her content and work. By women we mean all who self-identify as female. However, if our work resonates with you and you feel we can help please do reach out, typologies should be no barrier. Indeed, many of our workshops, public lectures and organisation-led events reach out to a broader audience.
  • What funding support is available?
    Many of our clients fund their coaching through their employer (company, organisation or university). This may be through your staff development budget, your company exit or new joiner package, executive learning budget, researcher or knowledge exchange professional development. We are a registered supplier for many organisations and universities and can provide the relevant details required to set this up. Strategy sessions for small businesses are normally funded by your business and we can provide relevant invoice information. We encourage clients to check for any additional funding sources they may be entitled to cover the cost.
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