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Dr Sam x Health Home Hustle: Supercharge your Career

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

If you've hung around here long enough then you will have heard me share about the Health Home Hustle podcast before. Podcast host, blogger and creative studio founder Monica Welburn-Leggett dives into topics across health & wellbeing, business, and life with handpicked experts for easeful conversations that guide you towards intentional living. Dr Sam and Monica have teamed up to deliver you a podcast episode all about career... let's jump in...

Fill Your Cup with Career Goodness

I first met Monica many years ago when I was working as an academic and our paths crossed over a collaboration together, engaging on our mutual passion for fashion. Throw in a pandemic, new homes for both of us, motherhood for Sam and entrepreneurship - we picked up exactly where we left off on the pod..

Dr Sam x Health Home Hustle

In the May episode I join Monica for a conversation on all things career. Dive into a our fireside chat exploring how we can all take pro-active yet gentle approach to designing a career and building a better working week. There's no manual to building a thriving career but nurturing your goals is a great place to start. We discuss all that and more in our episode today. If you have big goals you want to start moving towards or facing a career crunch point then you've come to the right place. The podcast is available from wherever you get your podcasts or you can hop in here using the button below.

New around here?

If you're new over here, the warmest of welcomes to our community. Dr Sam helps women from all walks of life supercharge their career through personal brand and career coaching. Explore more by subscribing.

About Health, Home, Hustle by Monica Welburn-Leggett

Health Home Hustle is a wellbeing-focused lifestyle podcast, designed to look at what life looks like when we approach it from a place of abundance, not burnout. The issue? So often ‘hustle’ is prioritised at the expense of our health and home lives. When the simple truth is: no matter how successful you are, if your own cup is empty, you’re not living life to its fullest. So, what does life look like when you have more energy to take on your day, when you feel a sense of purpose in what you do, and when you connect with people on a more meaningful level? The Health Home Hustle podcast dives into these questions and so much more via interviews with health experts, thought leaders and inspiring individuals. It’s time to get your glow on! Tune into Health Home Hustle for a nudge in the direction of your-best-you-yet.

It was a joy to connect with Monica and reflect on our own career journeys thus far. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did making it for you. More from Monica Welburn-Leggett

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