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Empowering Voices: Our Clients Share their Experiences of Working with Us

Career coaching is about you. Find out about the impact we have created for a diverse array of individual clients by hearing directly from them.

Hear from Jess - Small Business Owner

I left feeling excited and motivated after our session. She opened my eyes to thinking outside the box with my business and provide superb ideas and excellent insight. I highly recommend and will most definitely be going back in the future as my business grows.

Hear from Julez - Mid Career Employee

Sam is really talented in focussing the skills you already have, working with the time you have, to really optimise your work routine to get to where you want to go! Sam is really friendly and inspiring - - no dreams are too big! Thanks for everything (so far), Sam! Looking forward to what future sessions bring.

Hear from Rita - Fintech Startup and Founder of the Rita Network

I did a webinar with Dr Sam and myself as well as everybody who listened in was in awe of how fantastic she was and the advice we all got. We gained so much knowledge from her and her expertise is something we will carry around with us. The world need’s more Sam’s!

Hear from Frederica Academic & Vogue Top 100 Influencer

As an academic, I have the responsibility of furthering my education and enhancing my personal professional development. Samantha is a selfless experienced academic who supported me through mentoring. We focused on many areas such as research, industry projects, personal branding and strategic planning. I highly recommend anyone working towards growing within academia in all areas to seek Samantha’s support.

Dive into a world where you can design a career on your terms

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