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Starting a new job? First day after promotion? You need to read this...

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Regardless of your profession starting a new role can be done the hard way or it can be done the smart way. Today, we share our top three tips to help you find more ease to your new role.

So you're stepping into your new role. Quite often we put so much effort into securing a new role we often find ourselves feeling overwhelmed on the first day thinking, now what? The inbox is filling up, everyone wants to meet with you and you're still trying to remember the password that HR shared with you about two hours ago. Here are three gems we share with clients to make life easier.

Do not be too available

Yes, the desire to meet and greet everyone is strong (validation right!) but you need to set boundaries early. That way you start as you mean to go on, so take charge of your diary before your diary takes charge with you.

Create impact - but do it with ease

You want to show your worth and demonstrate impact, right? Of course you do! We help clients create a 90 day roadmap to ease the process of achieving core objectives but also to ease decision making towards additional projects of commitments within your role. You can't do it all. The other element of this is about easing in. So don't go charging to hard in your role in the early weeks. Run at 70% and you can step up to 80% where needed. If you go all in for the first few months chances are burnout is on the horizon and people are going to be disappointed that you can't sustain the momentum. Play the game for the medium and long term not the short term.

Start with a 'no' and see how you go

We're taught early on our careers to soak up every opportunity that comes our way. But as time becomes more precious as our ambitions both personally and professionally shift your default setting needs to change. I don't mean that in terms of every colleague you speak to that it's just a flat no. It's more of an internal shift in your mind that you really have to pause and understand why you are doing something before you commit. Yes, we all have to do things we don't want to do but you have more freedom to choose than you think. This means you can leave space to say a consistent yes to the people or projects that need you most.

Get in touch

Ready to supercharge your new role? Dive into our world of support. We create bespoke coaching for our clients to supercharge their careers. Even better, many of our clients are supported on this path through employer sponsored staff development funding. Want to find out more?

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