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Working Motherhood: Three tips to make it work

Updated: Mar 22

If you are in that season of life where work and babies is your reality or that is on your horizon then let us help you take charge of your career and craft a clear path ahead for you. Here are three ways we help clients design a worklife that works smart for their family.

1 craft your career strategy - be clear on what you actually want from your career. It doesn't matter what anyone else wants for you it is about what you want. Have you taken the time to think about that. Whether that is changing path or just clarifying that you are on the right path, some dedicated focus on this is valuable.

2 redesign your working day - motherhood makes you a billion percent more efficient when it comes to tasks and prioritisation so while you are in that zone it's time to rebuild your working week. Craft a week that balances all of challenges of life and work - and get everything out of your head. If you are feeling overwhelmed then check out our quick fix guide (it's just the start of how we can help but it will get you on a better track).

3. Understand your strengths - dive deep into what you do best and get clear on where you add value. Everyone has something to bring to the table, the trouble is not many people are good at communicating that confidently. You've build a great foundation for your career, let's help you unlock your potential.

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