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Dr Samantha Lynch BA, MSc, PhD, PCLTHE, SFHEA
  • Former University Head of Department Fashion & Marketing Programmes 
  • UK and US higher education experience
  • Senior Lecturer in Fashion Marketing, Pure Marketing & Consumer Behaviour bridging knowledge exchange between academia and industry
  • Expert Researcher Customer Decision Making Journey for Omnichannel Retail
  • Founder at FS* | Fashion Smart access the brightest minds in fashion - recruitment and consulting 
  • Founder at Work Smarter* workshops & coaching to accelerate your academic career
Sam holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing from the University of Stirling. Followed by an MSc in International Fashion Retailing (with distinction) and a PhD in Fashion Marketing and Management from the University of Manchester. Sam is an expert in consumer behaviour for omnichannel retail.


As a a marketing professional with 15+ years of experience and a PhD in retail marketing and consumer behaviour, Sam continues to work with industry and welcomes enquiries about collaboration, knowledge exchange and consultancy. Sam can work with marketing agencies, retail brands, airports, independent consultancy professionals, international education institutions and business networks. Samantha is a certified member of the Market Research Society. Dr Sam delivers custom client projects on the following retail areas: Consumer Behaviour | Customer Service & Experience | Omnichannel Customer Journey Customer Persona Profiling

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Work Smarter* workshops & coaching to accelerate your academic career

As a marketer by trade and later as an academic in the field of consumer behaviour, Dr Sam Lynch applies her marketing know-how to help academics leverage their personal brand and work smarter in higher education. In addition to her flagship personal branding course, Dr Sam offers one to ones and workshops on productivity, career change and development, academic entrepreneurship, PhD journey. You can view her full catalogue on her website. Her academic consultancy Work Smarter* was borne out of her own experience of juggling an MSc & PhD while working in industry. Sam has navigated the world of academia as a PhD student, lecturer, senior lecturer and subsequent head of department. She believes that you can be a successful academic and still have a life!


Academic Research & Knowledge Exchange

Sam is an international academic and expert in consumer behaviour for retail. Her research is focused on consumer decision-making journeys and her PhD examined the stages of omnichannel consumer decision-making journey for fashion. Her research seeks to examine the how and why behind consumer shopping behaviour and has explored concepts such as risk, pre-and post-purchase cognitive dissonance along with returns behaviour. Samantha has published work in the field of fashion retailing and has presented on the UK and international conference circuit. Passionate about knowledge-exchange Sam has overseen and delivered partnerships with industry through fashion sponsorship events, working with graduate students in industry and independently through her consultancy.

Research & Knowledge Exchange Areas
Customer decision-making journey
Omnichannel retailing 
Fashion and beauty retail 
Airport retailing 
Multi-method qualitative research
Qualitative blog methodologies 
Student decision-making in higher education

Sam is reviewer for the following academic journals on retailing, fashion, marketing and consumer behaviour: 
Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing 
Journal of Fashion Marketing & Management 
Journal of Business Research 
International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management 
Information & Management 

Supervision of PhD candidates & masters dissertation students
Fashion | Consumer Behaviour | Retail Marketing | Omnichannel Retail | Customer Journey Consumer Decision Making   

Experienced upgrade examiner for DBA/MBA and PhD candidates
Experienced Viva Voce examiner for PhD candidate



As a Senior Lecturer, Former Programme leader and Head of Department Samantha is a recognised  Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Samantha continues to lead, develop and scrutinise new modules and academic programmes centred upon marketing, fashion, retailing and consumer behaviour. Her responsibilities have included management, revalidation and validation of fashion marketing and fashion business degree programmes. Samantha's teaching ethos is centred upon industry knowledge-exchange bringing the real world into the classroom underpinned by a deep understanding of higher education learning and in-depth subject knowledge. Sam has delivered teaching at both UK universities and leading US higher education colleges. 
"Academic programmes and research are even more compelling in the classroom when they provide solutions to real-world industry challenges. The intersection and co-creation between theory and practice is where knowledge becomes most powerful." 

Fashion Consumer Behaviour | Consumer Behaviour | Relationship Marketing Understanding Markets | Fashion Research Project | Brand Identity & Design | Brand Development and Communications | UG and PG Dissertation Supervision | International Retailing Introduction to Media | Integrated Marketing Communications | Omnichannel & E-Retail | Fashion Retailing | Business Project | Marketing Strategy | Public Relations

UG & PGR Personal Branding | Relationship Marketing | Digital Marketing | Marketing Management | Marketing Communications Final Major Project | Ideation | Omnichannel Marcoms | Customer Journey | Fashion Business | The Business of Fashion

Journal Papers & Conference Proceedings

Lynch, S. and Barnes, L. (2020) Omnichannel fashion retailing: examining the customer decision-making journey. Journal of Fashion Marketing & Management (*forthcoming). 


Recognition of the professional contribution of the above paper is featured in Strategic Direction (2020) Dedicated followers of fashion retailing: Understanding the customer decision-making.


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McCormick, H., Cartwright, J., Perry, P., Barnes, L., Lynch, S., & Ball, G. (2014) “Fashion retailing–past, present and future.” Textile Progress, vol. 46 is. 3, 227-321. 




Dr Sam Lynch acknowledged in Prof Liz Barnes (2013) Fashion marketing, Textile Progress, 45:2-3, 182-207 DOI: 10.1080/00405167.2013.868677 




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