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Personal Branding for

High-Achieving Women

Unlock your career and business ambitions by building your personal brand. 


Hello, I'm Dr Sam

I know you have already built a great foundation for your career or business through hard graft.
I also know that there are other levers that need to be managed to unlock your ambitions.

As a coach & strategist for high-achieving women, I leverage my skills as a marketer, senior academic and business innovation lead. My focus is to bring clarity to your career and business journey by equipping you with the necessary tools and knowledge on personal branding.


My goal is to help you to work smarter.

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Client Feedback 

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Jo, Corporate Leader & Non-Executive Director

"Thanks to Sam I now appreciate my personal and professional value and have a clear path forward in what I want to achieve professionally.
Sam has helped me secure a promotion to a more senior role."

Work with us 

Fund your coaching through your
company or university

Many of our clients fund their coaching as part of their staff development, research development, exit or onboarding package. 

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The Blog

Insights and practical tips on building your personal brand to work smarter.
Navigate your professional journey with more ease and less struggle. 

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Get your personal brand score

Start where you are and find out how your current personal index score. Let's figure out where you need to improve so we can tailor our resources to you. 

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The Store

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WorkSmarter FrameworkTM

Our framework is specifically designed for high-achieving women to transform your career or business through personal brand-led strategy and coaching.

Clarify your ambitions

Create Strong Foundations

Craft your Personal Brand 

Unlock your influence & impact

Leverage your credibility 

CLARIFY We decipher what you really want from your career or business. 

CREATE We bring more ease to your everyday and creating space to nurture your ambitions.

CRAFT We support you in crafting a clear personal brand that reflects your future. 

UNLOCK We curate your ecosystem of stakeholders and define your contribution

LEVERAGE We leverage your existing strengths, capabilities and credibility to support your future

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We've helped women achieve greater impact, make more money and finally get the recognition they deserve.  

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