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Brain Food: Books and Blogs

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

I've put my research skills to good use today, so here's my round up of blogs, books and podcasts to help you navigate life as an academic:

Procrastinate purposefully ...

Blogs - US academic blogger Tanya Golash-Boza shares a healthy approach to working in higher education suggesting that you can be an effective academic and still have balance in your everyday life. Tanya shares helpful insights on productivity and setting up good habits.

Guest Blog Posts

Scientific American guest blog post by Radhika Nagpal - Got the PhD and now on to the next hurdle - tenure? If I could bold that word and make it flash red for emphasis I would, but my cms won't let me. Nagpal delivers an honest and refreshing account of being on the tenure track and why you shouldn't feel compelled to always take the orthodox route as a young faculty member.


Deep Work by Cal Newport - Cal provides insights on how to incorporate deep work for greater productivity and satisfaction. While not specifically aimed at academics, Cal himself is a full professor and draws upon his academic experiences of productivity. I enjoyed listening to this as an audible download en route to work. The practicality of Cal's thoughts make this book equally good reading for academics and non-academics alike.


Research in Action with Dr Katie Linder - This weekly podcast discusses all aspects of higher education and engages experts from a range of disciplines. Shout out to episode 73 which delivers some tips on academic networking. Another way to add purpose to your commute.

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