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Do Mondays Better as a Small Business Owner

Updated: Mar 8

If you open your laptop on a Monday and you're not sure where to start we can help you bring more ease and intentionality your working week with our quick-fix guide.

Life can be overwhelming and sometimes lack structure as a small business owner. It's great being your own boss but no one is there to tell you what to do, what to focus on or when to even get started. It can be lonely - no one tells you any of this stuff about running a business.

I'm all about creating strong foundations as a female small business owner that starts with putting structures and place to bring more ease to your everyday. There's no point trying to smash big goals if you are feeling lost and lack structure. Time and time again I share with clients the need to make incremental changes in your business everyday to help you solidify who you are, what you do but also... how you work. It's also about the personal and professional blend and a blend that is flexible as your life evolves - not compartmentalising different aspects of your life.

Our pdf guide provides you with a structured planning framework for your week ahead using free to use Google tools. Discover a guide that helps you get those personal and professional to-dos out of your head and a system that brings together pen and paper with digital planning. It's purely practical, no fluff and it's fast.

If you want to look at a year-long strategy to bring more ease to your everyday join us for a session and we can provide you with personalised support that is bespoke to you both personally and professionally.

New around here? Hi, I'm Dr Sam Lynch. I'm a personal brand expert for high-achieving women and I want to help you unlock your career and business ambitions with more ease by working smarter. We're here to help bring clarity to your career or business journey.

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