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It is on! Dr Sam Lynch Zoom Q&A: February 25 2021

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

This is academia but not as you know it...

Hello, I'm Sam. Researcher | Consultant | Academic Coach | Head of Department navigating the world of academia one tweet at a time. I'm hosting a live Q&A via Zoom on February 25th 8pm UK time to answer your questions about working smart in academia.

What's all the fuss about...

There's no dummies guide to being an academic - believe me, I've checked Amazon. As academics, I think we need to change how we do things - we need to work smarter not harder. Whatever stage you are at on your academic journey, wherever in the world you are reading this, we all have one thing in common - many of us don't have enough time to be the best academic/teacher/researcher/human we want to be. I've been in the academic game a little while now, and I've picked up a few tips and tools to help myself and others work smarter. This month's Q&A is all about that - think of me as your academic agony aunt!

Got a question about...


Career Development?


Personal Branding?


Say hey 👋

You can tweet me and share your questions @drsamlynch, visit my website, find me on LinkedIn - drsamlynch or just Google me - I'll be floating around in the electronic ether somewhere.

Join our Zoom Call:

This isn't your average academic meeting - so bring your coffee, bring your gin/wine, bring your dinner/lunch/breakfast, bring your kid... do what you need to do and join in. Listen to us/join video/don't video/ hell why not hop on your Peloton while you listen to us ;) It's all good here.

To access the zoom please tweet/DM me @drsamlynch.


Dr Sam Lynch - is a researcher in consumer decision-making journey and omnichannel fashion retail. You can find out more by visiting the homepage or reach out via twitter @drsamlynch

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