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Unlock Your Strengths: A Guide for High-Achieving Women to Thrive Beyond Weaknesses

As high-achieving women, we are often our own toughest critics. Whether you’re a working mother juggling a demanding corporate job and family or a female small business owner charting your own path, the pressure to excel can sometimes lead to an over-emphasis on our perceived weaknesses. But what if we shifted our focus? What if, instead of worrying about our shortcomings, we leveraged our strengths—both the ones we’re aware of and the hidden gems others see in us?

Recognizing Your Known Strengths

Firstly, let’s acknowledge the strengths you already know you possess. These are the qualities and skills you’ve honed through years of dedication and hard work. Perhaps you’re an excellent planner, a natural leader, or a creative problem solver. Take a moment to list these strengths. Reflect on how they’ve contributed to your successes thus far.

Actionable Tip: Create a “Strengths Journal.” Dedicate a few minutes each week to jot down moments where your known strengths played a crucial role. This practice not only reinforces positive thinking but also serves as a tangible reminder of your capabilities.

Unearthing Your Secret Strengths

While self-awareness is vital, sometimes our greatest strengths are those we don’t even recognize in ourselves. These are the secret strengths that colleagues, friends, and family see clearly. Perhaps you’re incredibly empathetic, a masterful communicator, or remarkably resilient—qualities that might not be as evident to you but make a significant impact on those around you.

Actionable Tip: Conduct a “Strengths Survey.” Reach out to a few trusted individuals in your professional and personal life and ask them to share what they believe are your greatest strengths. Their insights might surprise you and offer a fresh perspective on your unique capabilities. What you take for granted might be a rare skill to others.

Leveraging Your Strengths

Once you’ve identified both your known and secret strengths, the next step is to strategically leverage them to achieve your goals and enhance your personal brand


  1. Showcase Your Strengths Publicly: Don’t shy away from highlighting your strengths in professional settings. Update your LinkedIn profile to reflect your key strengths, and don’t hesitate to discuss how you can use them during meetings and presentations. Your unique capabilities are what set you apart.

  2. Develop New Opportunities: You need to nurture your strengths and integrate them to your everyday. If you’re a natural networker, attend industry events and build new connections - make your every day more satisfying. If you’re an innovative thinker, propose new projects or initiatives at work that play to what you are good at.

In a world that often emphasizes fixing weaknesses, embracing and leveraging your strengths can be a transformative approach. By focusing on what you do best and recognizing the hidden strengths others see in you, you can unlock your ambitions with more ease. Remember the more you use your strengths the more you can delegate your weaknesses.

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