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Unlocking Your Professional Potential: How Personal Branding Can Ease Your Early Career Journey

What makes a successful career? Hardwork? Yes, absolutely but I have also noticed a trend in clients who are not achieving their desired recognition or reward status in their corporate employment. This is particularly prevalent in the first 5-10 year stage of a professional career. Here are a few things to level up this phase of your career journey.

Shift your mindset

Think from your employers perspective not your own. Forget going on about the same problem that is not getting solved. So if you're not getting the training you wanted or the bonus you wanted. Move towards a mindset where you think from the perspective of your employer rather than your own. Think about the unique contribution you offer your employer and manager - what do you bring to the table that is valuable and differentiates you?Reframe conversations - so rather than banging on about what you are not getting have positive conversations about your career journey, job title progression, pay and reward. That way you might get the funding you need but just via a different route.

Evidence every achievement

It's all well and good knowing that you do a great job but it's also about being able to show that and evidence it objectively. Collecting regular evidence usually on a monthly basis is wise to provide a robust justification for any subsequent promotion. Get feedback from business partners, colleagues, other teams, customers or clients. You'll also want to have regular check-ins with your boss (that you initiate) to talk about how you are progressing and what key targets you need to hit to achieve your next milestone.

Meet in person

If you are having career conversations there is a lot to be said for simply meeting in person. Arrange regular catch ups with your line manager to check in on your performance and raise anything. That means the rest of the time online meetings are more efficient and more positive. If you have something difficult to broach, in person makes a huge difference.

Not getting the pay or reward you deserve?

So you might have missed the annual promotion window. Think laterally what other flexibilities might be available to you so your employer can meet you half way. Your line manager wants you to be happy as much as you do. Perhaps it's attending a conference, engaging in some additional training/voluntary work, a sabbatical, or an opportunity to shadow a more senior colleague in an international office? Make sure you understand what other flexibilities and opportunities are available to you while you hold tight for the next promotion window. Make your time count.

It's at the early-mid career stage where your personal brand can really start to make the biggest shifts in your favour. Personal branding as a high-achieving woman is all about having a more intentional career strategy, one where you have a clear plan of where you are headed. I've been there myself and certainly made plenty of mistakes along the way so take this advice from someone who has been there done that. Your personal brand career strategy is over and above what your employer wants for you. Think of it as your personal career plan that you strategically manage to build a life and a career that you love.

Hi! I'm Dr Sam Lynch. I'm a personal brand expert for high-achieving women and I want to help you unlock your career and business ambitions with more ease by working smarter. If you don't have a career strategy mapped out then it's time to chat.

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