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Why Time is your Greatest Asset

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

It's all too easy to get caught up in the week. But here is the thing, time is a limited resource. You have on average 4632 weeks in a lifetime. Now shred at least half for being a kid. For adulting, it's even less, so when it comes to your career and your life we have to think smart. Here's some quick tips to help you work smarter this week on your career and your life!

This month we are reading: I know how she does it by Laura Vanderkam

So here are some takeaways from the book with my own experiences of working with clients:

Take a more holistic view to your week

I have banged on about this ever since I was a part-time PhD student. Scrap the 9-5 and hello to the 168 hours - thanks Laura Vanderkam! Stop trying to fit everything in 9-5 and spread it out. It might mean you are working when everyone else isn't, but that time will be focused and it will pay rewards and that makes way for exercise, health, fleeting moments with your family that might have otherwise been lost in something that isn't going to matter in the next 5 years.

What are your big priorities

As I say to all of my clients - schedule what you want first. Both personally and professionally. Its taken years of doing this to find what works, but you can start today, this afternoon, tonight. Get the vacation or holiday leave booked, get the birthdays and celebrations in the diary and things that matter. Get them in the diary before someone else asks you for that time. Did you know that we offer virtual assistant services - we can help you if you want someone to go through and get those birthdays in the diary! That way you deliver what you want and will feel more content. It also means you are edging towards the personal and professional goals that matter to you. So get the training booked in, do the volunteering that you want.

Using fringe/margin time better

Scrap some routines! If like me you have kids or have other priorities that need mental and physical energy, then stop trying to do all the things ever-single-day. It doesn't work. Be more flexible. Leave one load of laundry and go for a walk. Kids watching TV? Scrap tidying up the toys and do something that you want to do. No kids, remove one thing you are 'meant' to do and do something you actually want. You're not slacking- you are just getting off the high achieving hamster wheel for a short break!

Why your weekend deserves more

Give more attention to your weekends. We're so spent during the week as high achieving females that sometimes the frustration kicks in that we aren't doing enough at the weekend. So use some of that amazing project management brain power from work and implement it at home. Think about your weekend, what you want to do and get it booked, or plan for it. Delegate jobs too!

Embrace the guilt

No matter what you do you will feel guilty for not doing enough or spending enough time or making whatever it is perfect. It is what it is. The guilt is not going to go away, but so rather than thinking about feeling guilty, think about why you are doing what you are doing - that will spur you on.

Remember "Either you run the day, or the day runs you!"

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Boost your time management not by doing more but by working smart. This month we recommend Laura Vanderkam's book: I know how she does it

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