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Get in control of your academic life with our Trello board. You'll be joining over 150 users of this board from PhD students to Academic faculty.  If you are feeling overwhelmed and want to get to grips with your priorities and make time for managing your personal brand then join our 150 followers who use this board.

Academic Productivity Trello Board

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    "Thanks to Sam I now appreciate my personal and professional value and have a clear path forward in what I want to achieve professionally. Sam has helped me secure a promotion to a more senior role."

    Jo, Corporate Leader & Non-Executive Director

    About Dr Sam Lynch

    We’re here to help brilliant women unlock their career &
    business ambitions.

    I leverage 20 years of professional experience as a marketer, senior academic and business innovation lead to provide you with coaching, tools & strategies you need to find clarity in your career and business journey. 

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