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Need to draft a cover letter quickly for a job application with EASE? Enjoy our easy to complete word document template. Simply follow the prompts, insert your personalised information and send it. A simple, no fuss tool to get the job done well!


Real Results 

No more wondering if your cover letter will hit the mark - this one is tried and tested with our clients. Get the Promotion. Get the Job. Get the paycheck that matches your ambitions.


Not all cover letters are created equal

You want a cover letter, a cover letter that makes you stand out and that ultimately converts into interviews, job offers and promotion opportunities. Use this cover letter not just once, but again and again.


The best part

Our clients love our templates. Clients who have purchased this template have went on to coaching with us. In our coaching sessions we support you to navigate pay negotiations, prepare for interview success and prepare their 90 day roadmap to create fast impact in their newly appointed role. 



CV/Resume Cover Letter

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  • Any woman in a career who wants to create a cover letter that reflects their true value and create a great first impression with recruiters or companies. 


"Thanks to Sam I now appreciate my personal and professional value and have a clear path forward in what I want to achieve professionally. Sam has helped me secure a promotion to a more senior role."

Jo, Corporate Leader & Non-Executive Director

About Dr Sam Lynch

We’re here to help brilliant women unlock their career &
business ambitions.

I leverage 20 years of professional experience as a marketer, senior academic and business innovation lead to provide you with coaching, tools & strategies you need to find clarity in your career and business journey. 

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