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How to Find Your Career Path When You're Feeling Lost

In this post, we share our key steps to finding more fulfilment both personally and professionally. No, we're not going to ask you to make a 5 or 10-year career plan - but simply give you some nudges to help you clarify your direction. If you're in your late twenties to mid-thirties this is the post for you...

Look at the bigger picture

Before you get started on the career stuff, do you have any baggage to deal with right now? Has there been a change in your circumstances perhaps, or are you simply looking to switch things up? Now is the time to take a light touch look at the whole picture, both the personal and professional. Not everything can be solved overnight but at least thinking about what you want to prioritise more of, and what you want to do less of can be a great place to start.

Focus on how you want to work not the job title

Careers are not so much about finding a job and a title, but finding the right style of work for you. So rather than getting fixated on industries, job grades, titles or companies think more about how you want to work. Step away from any expectations you have too - so forget about what you should be doing and think about how you want to work. You might have done a business major in college but might work at your best in the healthcare setting.

Carve a multi-interest career

You don't need to have one career you can have many. Explore your interests so don't be scared to lean into new areas or fields if you are drawn to them. The great thing is you can change it up and evolve your career as you go.

Don't worry about what other people are doing

Carve your own path. I work with high-achieving women it is not uncommon that many of these talented women find themselves hitting personal milestones later because their 20s and early 30s were focused on their careers a PhD, working towards partner, or completing their board certification as a doctor. This can also present personal challenges and places pressure on you. We work with you to find that little extra confidence so you can navigate these challenges with more ease too.

Our coaching can help you find clarity in your career goals and ambitions but also make your career work better for the life that you want. Think of us as your career counsel. Careers aren't straightforward but help is at hand. Discussing your career with someone objective (who's not a family member or your boss).

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