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Personal brand-led client onboarding

If you’re a service based business owner then we want to share one quick tip with you to craft a client onboarding strategy that is personal brand led.


If you’re in a market with lots of competitors you need to help clients understand why they should choose you. Going above and beyond in welcoming your new clients and that creates a great runway for your service experience.

Our quick tips…

Go overboard on the detail.

If you use a client booking system make sure you login as a new client to test out the experience as if you were a customer. You’ll spot so many obvious little things that will make the difference e.g. clear location details for your business, what to expect at your appointment, how to pay for your service. Sounds simple but double down on making sure the client is getting the information they need in a clear manner.

Create service packages that stand out

If you’re in a competitive service sector such as events or health and wellness then it’s time to level up. Offer service bundles/packages so that clients can experience bonus services too. So if your client books two regular treatments offer a package with a complimentary add on so that they can try something new for free.

Don’t discount your services

This alone can erode your personal brand. Focus on clearly communicating why your client should choose you. Get the client bought into your service not only at a transactional level but also emotionally. For example, presenting your event proposal in a beautifully artworked printed prospectus as well as via the standard digital system that you use. Or it could be sending a video clip to your client as you showcase you hard at work in your studio preparing for their event.

Craft experiences that your client won’t find anywhere else - reflect your brand.

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