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Is it time to leave your role or should you stay?

Before you make a big decision with your job or even a business, work through our four prompts before you say "sayonara".

Bring it all back to zero

If you are at a time of high stress bring everything back to zero before you make a move. So take a pause, take the pressure off of making a decision and do something you enjoy. Have a break! Give your mind some rest so you are in a better frame of mind to revisit your decision later down the line.

Revisit how you do things at work

Are you sure you have tried everything to make things better? Be honest with yourself. For example, we work with clients and help them re-engineer their working week. We also help them to explore alternative ways of working such as flexible work requests, taking some unpaid leave. Sometimes the basic act of setting boundaries and structure can really reduce the mental load.

Over-communicate and over-communicate some more

If there is an issue have you tried to have a level, measured conversation about your concerns? Take the emotion out of it. Sometimes we forget that managers, partners, directors, investors, co-founders are people. No one is a mind reader. Rather than feeling frustrated and resentful, have a chat and be open to listening. Go in with good intentions and see how things unfold. Things might have been misunderstood, or lost in translation previously - you have nothing to lose now.

Still want to leave? Get your shit together and create a plan.

Create a plan for what's next before you actually need it. That means doing it while you are in your current job (making sure the bills get paid - because that is an even bigger problem). Prepare and prepare some more. It might mean you have a bit of heavy lifting to do but you'll feel so much better stepping into something that is already on track than starting from nothing. We work with clients to prepare them for their exit - whether that be a hard stop to not work for a while, to start a business or take a new career direction. We help them leverage relationships and experiences so you're not just cutting the cord and cutting off yourself unnecessarily. We help create a clear action plan so those early weeks of leaving work feel positive, productive and give you confidence on your new path.

New around here?

If you're new over here, the warmest of welcomes to our community. Dr Sam helps women supercharge their career through personal brand and career coaching. Explore more by subscribing to our newsletter. Tips and tools to supercharge your career and business ambitions the smart way.

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