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Perfectionism is Overrated

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Our thought piece for this week is all about getting you to start before you are ready. Whatever plans or ideas you have locked up in your brain, it's time to let them flourish. Here is how to move beyond your biggest blockers...

Why you need to get going on that idea now

As women we can be more risk averse. For example might want to have all of the information to hand before embarking on a decision or applying for that new job. But for career goals and business ideas, sometimes your risk sensitivity can be actively stopping you from achieving what matters most to you.

Beta Test

I've spent a lot of time in my life building website content, not just for myself but also others. One thing I have picked up along the way is the power of the Beta-Test. We often do this with websites whereby we put the website out into the world before it's perfect, to uncover any bugs and issues before the finished site (version 2.0) is released. We do this in product research as well - to understand consumer behaviour. So why not try it with your career?

Choose an aspect of your work or career to beta test - start small and you'll flex your ambition muscles. It might be pushing out some thoughts on a product, publishing that website blog post before it's fully perfected. It might be you share an idea for your team at work before you figure out all the sub tasks and have all of the resources - a little doors to manual shall we say? No one has it all figured out, so push ahead - take those first steps and watch the possibilities unfold.

Your career and particularly an entrepreneurial journey should be one of learning, testing and resilience to try, try and try again. If you're failing that also means you are racking up experience to get to where you want to be. Get going!

New around here?

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