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Overcoming Obstacles: How to Stop Getting in the Way of Your Ambitions

Updated: Feb 9

Want to start a business, want to shift your career, want to do something different but you have the fear? Guess what, you are your biggest blocker. Through my work with clients time and time again we see brilliant (and I mean seriously brilliant women) stand in their own way. Here's our quick fix to help you get on track

Stop thinking and start doing

Too often we overthink every possible scenario for our career or business. This overthinking can be paralysing to the extent you never start the idea, the business, or the project that you always wanted to do or don't follow through with it after making some initial progress. Move from thinking to action. Take even the smallest of steps and at least you'll get closer towards your goal. Get ready to make your mistakes along the way.

Examine the best as well as the worst-case scenario

So often we are focused on the worst-case scenario in a decision that we forget to visualise what the best possible outcome might be and recognise the fact that this outcome could actually happen instead. So take a more balanced approach to decisions and your ambitions. For every minute focused on the worst outcome spend another one looking at positive outcomes too.

Take calculated risks

You don't need to walk away from everything to edge closer towards your goals. Start your side hustle while your day job pays the bills and then once you have proven your concept then make a decision about walking away. Think of it as a dress rehearsal for your future where you can make mistakes, and figure things out before you get started. If you have already stepped into business and are at the earlier stages then work on your personal brand to really dive into who you are and what you offer - decide which clients you do serve but also the clients you are not prepared to work with. Getting laser focused on your personal brands helps clarify your place in the market.

Your next steps...

For individuals - If you need to find clarity in your goals and next steps check out our coaching programme here

Businesses - get your strategy clear and get your business working smarter for you by joining a small business strategy session.

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